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Curly Hair Care Routine

A portrait od a woman with very curly hair with stylish earings

A great curly hair care routine is a game changer. It's time for curly hair girls to own their manes and show off those bouncy, vivacious locks! All you need is the right routine and the right curly hair products.

Different types of curly hair require different needs, with curly hair falling into types 2, 3, and 4 – with A, B, and C subsets. Don’t know your type? Find out by taking our online Haircode quiz.

How to take care of naturally curly hair?

Looking for tips to achieve healthy, luscious curls? We've got you.

1. Shampoo? Sometimes

Curls are prone to frizzing, so try not to wash too often. Shampoo strips the hair of natural oils that give it shine and help it to stay smooth and soft. Curly hair should be shampooed every 3-4 days. No need to be extra about it.

2. Moisture and hydration? Oh, yes

When it comes to curly hair, conditioner is your bestie! It will enhance the texture of your curls and stop frizz. Use a hydrating mask twice a week to prevent breakage from split ends.

3. Work it, when wet

The key to the perfect curly 'do is working with your hair when it's completely saturated and full of moisture. Once your hair dries, getting a soft curl or waves will be impossible without using a super-hot flat iron or curling iron. So, make sure you apply all products while your hair is still wet.

4. Wide-toothed comb = A curly girls BFF

The wider teeth on these combs will help distribute natural oils down the length of your strands whilst drying, preserving moisture and softness while reducing frizz.

5. Diffuse? Definitely

Diffusers can even out curl patterns and create killer definition. No matter what your hair texture is – a great diffuser can help you turn it into a mane of beautiful, shiny waves.

How to choose the best curly hair products

Curly hair has a mind of its own. Every curly girl's hair is different. It's the same with curly hair products: no single product works for everyone. You need to find out what works for your hair type and condition.

Whatever your problem, we'll find the best haircare for you - take our quiz and create your perfect routine.


Take our quiz to get a free scientific debrief of your hair type and personalized list of products.

The graphic ilustrates four men. The first one has a short wavy blond hair, the second one has a short frizzy light-brown hair, the third one has a mid-long frizzy brown hair, the fourth one has a mid-long brown wavy hair.